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Actor in:

Santiago in "Der weg nach San Josè" by Roland Suso Richter 2013 (in German)

Notary in "Colpi di fortuna" by Neri Parenti, 2013

Mayor of Venice in "Pizza e datteri" by Fariborz Kamkari, 2013

Notary in "Gomorra", Sky series by Francesca Comencini, 2013

Dr. Surace in "Sole a catinelle" by Checco Zalone and Gennaro Nunziante, 2013

Vittorio Bellamonti mayor in "Tuscan Wedding" by Johan Nijenhuis, 2013 (in English)

Board Member in "Commissario Brunetti" by Sigi Rothemund, 2012 (in German)

Vincenzo in "My name is Ernest" by Emilio Briguglio, 2012

Primo in "C'era una volta il mio Veneto" by Giacomo Ravenna, documentary 2012

Senatore Zonin in "Buona giornata" by Carlo Vanzina, 2011

Bepi in "Vacanze di Natale 2011" by Neri Parenti, 2011

Mariano Rumor in "Romanzo di una strage" by Marco Tullio Giordana, 2011

Zattarin in "Non è mai colpa di nessuno" by Andrea Prandstraller, 2011

The Director in "Helena e Glory" by Marco Pontecorvo, 2011

Marcantonio Bragadin in "Ottomans vs Christians" by Sthepen Lennhoff, 2010 (in English)

Chicco's Father  in "Blind Maze" by Heater Parisi, 2009

Onorevole Budrioni in "Piloti", Sit Com Rai 2, 2009

Carlo Prosperi in "L'appello" di Emilio Briguglio e Federico Rozas, 2009

Marchetta in "Come Dio comanda" by Gabriele Salvatores, 2008

Handler in "Für immer Venedig" by Michael Steinke, 2008  (in German)

Rettore in "Precariamente instabili" by Luigi Scaglione, 2008  (in German)

Director Hotel dei Dogi in "Sangue Pazzo" by Marco Tullio Giordana, 2007

Keller in "Commissario Brunetti", TV film 2007, (in German)

Der Pfarrer in "Die Liebe ein Traum", Tv Film by Xavier Schwarzenberger, 2007 (in German)

Carlo Goldoni in "Carlo Goldoni Gran Teatro di Venezia" by Alessandro Bettero, 2007

The Antiquarian in "La masseria delle allodole" by brothers Taviani, 2006

Bepi Toniolo in "K. il Bandito" by Martin Donovan, 2006

Daniele Bava in "The Fakir of Venice" by Anand Surapur, 2006 (in English)

Der Ober in "Gefühl ist alles" by Reinhard Schwabenitzky, 2005 (in German)

Ugo in "Flash Back" by Franco Rado Short Film, 2005

Casanova in "Francesco's Venice" BBC TV Film, 2004

Flunkey Captain in "Casanova" by Lasse Hallstrom, Disney Prod., 2004 (in English)

Fisher in "Commissario Brunetti", TV Film, Germany 2003 (in German)

Bruno in "Mit deinen Augen" by Karl Kases, TV Film, Germany 2003 (in German)

L'Albanese in "Cuori Rubati", RAI 2, 2002

Pietro L'Aretino in "I Giganti del Rinascimento", Japanese TV, 2001

Guitar player  in "Lundì matin" by Otar Ioseliani, 2001

Friend of Pagello in "Les enfant du siècle" by Diane Kurys, 1999

Italian Man in "A Secret Affair" by Bobby Roth, 1999

Galileo Galilei in "Charles Dutois's History of Music", NHK TV, Japan 1998

Il Caffettiere in "Linea verde", Rai 1, 1966

Carlo Memo in "La Terza Luna" by Matteo Bellinelli, 1996

Owner of the Restaurant in "An Impossible Love"  by Vivian Naefe, 1995 (in German)

Sniper in "The Bridge" by Garry Lane, 1995 

The Drunk in "The Delegation" by Aleksander Galin, 1993

Waiter in "Magic Baloon" by Ronald Neame 1992.

Capocomico in "Piccoli delitti veneziani" by Etienne Perrier, 1989 (in English)

The Doctor in "Capitano" by Armin Fausten, Kick Film Berlin 1983 (in German)


First or second Assistant Director:

Benetton (Launch - Star - CNN - Sky News - BBC 2001)

"Cosmic Vojage" (Imaxfilm) 1995 - Ford - American Express - Nike - Pasta Vitana - Dulux - Raiffeisen Card and others (advertising)

"The Young Indiana Jones - Series II", 1993

"Il ritorno di Casanova" by Eduard Niermans, 1992

"Until the End of the World" by Wim Wenders, 1990


Production Assistant in:

"Everyone says I love you" by Woody Allen, 1995

"Drambouie" (commercial)

"Only You" by Norman Jewison, 1993

"Blame it on the Bellboy" by Mark Hermann, 1991

Casting or extras casting in:

"Pizza e datteri" by Fariborz Kamkari, 2013

Two commercials TIM, testimonial Chiara Galiazzo, 2013

"Commissario Brunetti" by Sigi Rothemund, 2012

"Impardonnables" by André Téchiné, 2010

"The Tourist" by Florian von Donnersmarck, 2010

"Blind Maze" by Heater Parisi, 2009 (Casting Director)

"Marienhof", German TV, 2008 (Venice shooting)

"BMW", commercial 2007

"Sangue Pazzo" by Marco Tullio Giordana, 2007 (Venice shooting)

"In memoria di me" by Saverio Costanzo, 2006

"Casino Royale" by Martin Campbell, 2006 (Italy shooting)

"Casanova" by Lasse Hallstrom, Disney Prod. 2004

"I Dreamed of Africa" by Hugh Hudson, 1998 (Italy shooting)

"Charles Dutois's History of Music", NHK TV, Japan 1998 (Venice shooting)

"In Love and War" by Richard Attenborough, 1996



As an actor in:

Prosciutto Rovagnati: campaigns 1996 /1997 rovagnati small   

Lunn Polly Holidays (Venezia-London) 1993


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